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 In the near future, where old service droids are set out to
pasture, one robot decides to hunt bounty on the Martian Dunes. 
Rigatoni, armed with his plasmalero pistols and pepper grinder is ready
to battle any challenger in his way.  “Robot Rigatoni” aims to blend
sci-fi and western aesthetics while maintaining a playful tone.  Using
common tropes, vibrant colors, and creative character design to blend
characteristics of each genre.

     Control scheme is detailed in current build on the Main Menu check the Controls and More tabs for more information about how to play!   

     The game is currently being developed for an arcade cabinet so the options we have for developing our control scheme is somewhat limited.  A controller adaptation is ideal once the game is closer to its final stages.

     Get out there and round up some bounty bucks partner!

Install instructions

Extract the zip and look for the app file (MAC) or exe (PC).


Robot Rigatoni keyboard version (PC) 28 MB
Robot Rigatoni arcade version (PC) 28 MB

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